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Golf Tip: Build Stronger Core Strength To Improve Your Golf Swing

Your core is what helps you maintain good stability and control throughout the golf swing. Keeping a stable core allows for a smooth, fluid and consistent swing. A stable core allows you to overcome rotational forces placed on your body and maintain your posture from your address position. Keeping a strong and stable core is essential when trying to generate the force that is required to hit the golf ball a long distance.

Any golfer that wants to improve their swing should be dedicating some time off the course either at home or in the gym to work on their core strength. If you’re motivated and can spare 10 – 20 minutes per day start with some of these exercises listed below. Not only will you improve your game, but you’ll also improve your overall physical well-being.

See some example exercises below:

Plank hold

Dead Bugs

Russian Twists

Bird Dogs

If you need further assistance with your golf game please reach out to your local PGA professionals. Life’s too short to play bad golf!

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