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1Club is Back at Oakleigh Golf Course

Oakleigh Golf Course is open and 1Club Golf is back!

Learning golf has never been more Easy, Fun and Affordable. Each 1-hour booking costs only $100 which includes a coach, equipment, 9 holes of golf and can be shared by up to 4 people. That’s an amazing $25 dollars per person in a group of 4 and you will be playing golf straight away rather than spending hundreds of dollars on lessons and hours at the range.

In your first session, you will learn the four key points that will make you comfortable to go out and play anywhere with anybody.

  1. Safety:
    The golf club and balls can do some serious damage if somebody is hit, so you will learn everything you need to know about being safe on the golf course.
  2. Speed of play:
    No other golfer is concerned about how many shots you take, the only thing that matters is how long you take to play. As a golf course is a shared space it is important we play at an acceptable speed so everyone can enjoy their game. In this session, you will learn to play at the correct pace.
  3. Hitting the ball:
    This is the easy part, 1club golf is built around helping you understand your natural level of competence and slowly building on what you already have. You won’t go away with a list of things too many things remember but rather be confident to play straight away. If you can play mini-golf you can play 1club golf.
  4. Course care: Golf courses are beautiful places and it is important we look after them and a big part of being a good golfer is leaving the course in good condition for others to use.

Now is also the perfect time to learn with 1club, it’s Easy, Fun, Affordable. Book in your lesson by giving us a call on (03) 95683307

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