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Oakleigh Public Golf Course A Beginners Paradise

Existing golfers often forget how daunting learning can be, the game has its own etiquettes and rules along with courses that suit varying levels of skill. People wanting to learn the game need a place that welcomes and understands their needs whilst providing encouragement.

Oakleigh Public not only understands beginners but we go out of our way to help them with everything they need! If asked, most people think learning how to play is all about grip, stance posture, pivot, swing plane and the lists goes on… however, to a beginner there are far more important things to learn. Below is a list of things all new golfers need to learn in order to feel comfortable and happy playing golf:

  • How do I organise a game of golf?
  • Where do I go when I get to the course?
  • How to be safe while playing
  • How to look after the course
  • Where do I leave my equipment when I am playing a shot?
  • How to play at a speed that makes you a good golfing citizen
  • Feeling comfortable playing with people you don’t know


In my experience, if you put too much focus on the technical aspects of the game it makes playing harder. Imagine standing on the first tee with groups of people waiting for you to play and your mindset is trying to focus on 2,3, or 4 things you learnt in a lesson and several of the list above as well, rather than just where do I want to hit it along with the etiquettes and safety of the game.

Yes, you have to be able to hit the ball but everyone can do that providing your not trying to emulate Tiger Woods straight away and happy to make small swings. There are no coaches at mini-golf and everyone can use a putter with enough skill to get the ball around without lessons in that game.

Simply use the same theory when going to a golf course and work with a length and speed of swing that allows you to make solid contact to keep the ball in play, small controlled shots are the best way to learn. Which brings us back to Oakleigh because it is a short course with only 1 long hole, it makes it manageable for even the newest of beginners playing as described.

There is no hurry when learning golf, starting small and gradually building will see you able to take on bigger challenges faster than traditional methods of learning the game. New golfers who go to full length or even championship courses too soon often get dishearten and don’t continue playing. Imagine trying to learn how to ski on a Black run!

Benefits of learning at Oakleigh:

  • We have the best introduction to golf program with 1Club Golf.
  • The staff and patrons of the course understand and welcome new golfers.
  • The course is the perfect length for new golfers.
  • Due to its length, it will only take 90 minutes or less to play.
  • The condition of the fairways and greens are equivalent to many private courses.
  • You will develop a good short game quickly which is the key to scoring on any course.
  • It’s easy to get to 300 meters off Dandenong road and less than 2k from Chadstone shopping centre.
  • It’s affordable! Golf on weekdays at $18.20 or $13.50 juniors and concession for 9 holes weekends and public holidays $20.80 or $13.50 for juniors.

The most common thing golfers say is I wish I had started sooner, so… to avoid regrets, give us a call on 03 95683307. Booking a tee time is advisable.

Book a 1club session via or pop down to 2 Park Road Chadstone we would love to help grow as a golfer.

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